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 ==== Who Could Have Foreseen a Riot? ==== ==== Who Could Have Foreseen a Riot? ====
 +Not Maavu, apparently. But that's just what he gets. 
 +Various provocateurs stab guards, mobs form, and a magical assassin-beast is summoned to take out Maavu. Maavu solves this by casting spells, then turning gaseous and fleeing. 
 +The party rush to the front, save the Sergeant, kill the beast, and then beats retreat. Maavu stops to talk with Lelania, recognizing her as one of the helpful neighbors that just saved him. He is sad that there was a riot, but thinks this might be a good time to get out of town. The Party should come talk in Nearby Scenic Redgorge. Specifically, they should go to the Redhead Miner's Inn, and answer "morter" to the appropriate question. Then he drinks the other potion and flees some more. 
 +The party decides that they would rather go home right now. So they do.