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-====== Title ======+====== A Visit to the Quaint English Towne of Eaton-by-Sloth ======
 +The party journeys to Redgorge to find the merchant who asked them to meet him there. The secret password turns out to be the answer to a riddle, gaining them access to a meeting of I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-Freemasons. The Chisel debates for a while, but also asks the party to find Tercival. 
 +The Chisel provides some clues that Hilde had already found, and a boat to search downriver. 
 +So the party searches downriver. Eventually they recognize a landmark from Tercival’s silver slab, land to investigate, and are attacked by gnolls. Following a trail, they eventually find a cave, which they enter to search. At this point a giant cave sloth eats Hilde. 
 +Fortunately, a previously-unseeen angelic guardian of the region had already decided that //this// was the right time to “help” the party with a cryptic message. Because helping by doing something useful is apparently against angel law. But raising Hilde on the way was not against angel law, so Nidrama does so and then monologues at the party:
 ^Nidrama's warning:^ ^Nidrama's warning:^