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Bryn Shandar

Population 1200
Leaders Speaker Duvessa Shane
Sacrifice to Auril Humanoid

The first stop for most visitors to Icewind Dale is Bryn Shander, a walled town perched atop a cold, lonely, wind-lashed hill. Bright lanterns suspended over narrow streets twist in the wind and add flecks of color to the town’s otherwise drab surroundings.

The friendliness in this settlement has dwindled of late. Auril’s unyielding winter has greatly reduced the number of visitors to Bryn Shander, and local trade is suffering for it, eating away at the locals’ sense of humor and goodwill. Still, there is no safer place in Icewind Dale to spend coin or spend the night.

The walls of the town stand some 30 feet high and are defined by two concentric rings of upright wooden poles, the gap between them filled with dirt and rubble. The outer ring of poles rises above the top of the wall, providing a rampart for defenders stationed on the wood-planked walkway. The wall’s hinged gates are 15 feet tall and can be barred from the inside with iron-banded wood beams. These gates are closed when it’s dark outside—which is to say more often than not.

Notable Places

Black-Iron Blades Smithy and Outfitters

A smithy with a notoriously poor reputation for quality and a general store with no particular reputation.

Rylos commissioned a warhammer with a continual light effect which makes an amusing noise any time it hits something, and received it.

Hazarkin commissioned dragonskin gloves, and is still waiting for the curing process.

The party gets a 10% discount here after retrieving a shipment of iron ingots after the wagon team hauling them was attacked by a yeti.

Gloves delivered to Hazarkin. Two Wolf-pelt cloaks still to go.

Tihmbahb's Simple Wizardry

Tihmbahb's Simple Wizardry is run by Tihmbahb, a retired adventurer whose tastes run to a good book, a warm hearth, and a comfortable robe. His “storefront” is more like a comfortable den, where he greets visitors and freely shares his extensive knowledge of magical topics. Would-be thieves have never discovered where he keeps his inventory, but he always seems to have a copy of whatever anyone wants to buy, and his repertoire of spells is notably broad.

He sold an unusual spell to Zyltorin, in exchange for Zyltorin helping a fried with a problem. Thimbahb's friend is a gnome who wants the party to check in on his friend up in the Black Cabin, which the party agrees to do.

The Northlook Inn and Tavern

Notable for having “Ol' Bitey”, an animate, taxidermied fish. Scramsax (the proprietor) has agreed to sell Ol' Bitey to Zyltorin for 3500 gold.

House special is a slice of hákarl and a shot of akevitt. The hákarl stays with you, the respite from the akevitt is fleeting. More akevitt is very reasonably priced…

Rylos negotiated, and paid 50 gold to give the Inn a plaque with a fish and a plaque with his Hammer of Positive Reinforcement, for display next to O'l Bitey. He commissions the additional plaques from the Blackiron Smithy.