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Walking into Easthaven is like stepping into Icewind Dale’s past—the place is a living example of the boomtown way of life that gripped all of Ten-Towns centuries ago. In the generations since, as other towns have settled into a predictable pattern of existence, Easthaven has continued to grow and reinvent itself. After the Eastway was paved, Easthaven evolved into a frontier traders’ paradise, fueling the jealousy of its neighbors.

Easthaven’s founders were thieves from the Duchy of Cape Velen, on a peninsula far to the south. They refused to kowtow to a powerful thieves’ guild and were driven out. To this day, Easthaven honors its shady founders by declaring pickpocketing legal within the town limits—which explains the “Watch thy pouch!” signs posted in various local establishments.

An occurrence of note is the recent capture of a Red Wizard of Thay who has been found guilty of killing a handful of dale-folk he had hired for an expedition. Speaker Danneth Waylen has issued a decree that the Wizard be tied to a stake and burned alive—an event that a lot of Easthaven residents are looking forward to.

Burgers in the Dale

Some of the Lowater Burgers are hiding out in Easthaven