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-======The Sunless Citadel====== 
-Long ago, a great fortress built by a cult of the dragon Ashardalon sank into the earth in a forgotten cataclysm. Its ruins became known as the Sunless Citadel, and over the centuries numerous creatures made this place their home. 
-One month ago, four adventurers from the nearby town of Oakhurst ventured into the Sunken Citadel searching for the origin of the magical fruit. They never returned. It is up to you now, to find what is lost.+ 
 +======The Lunch Bunch======
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   * [[Mardred Ungart]] - A barbarian, with thews like steel.   * [[Mardred Ungart]] - A barbarian, with thews like steel.
   * [[Rylos Planaria]] - Dwarf of Action, Dwarf of Fabrics.   * [[Rylos Planaria]] - Dwarf of Action, Dwarf of Fabrics.
 +  * [[Raflamir Kelwynn]] - An elf, more at home in the wilderness
 ==== Campaign Journal ==== ==== Campaign Journal ====
 ===The Sunless Citadel=== ===The Sunless Citadel===
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   * [[Session 0]] - Character creation and etcetera.   * [[Session 0]] - Character creation and etcetera.
-  * [[Session 1]] - Meet at an Inn / Much Ado About Fabric / Meeting Meepo.+  * [[Session 1]] - Meet at an Inn / Much Ado About Fabric / Descent / Meeting Meepo. 
 +  * [[Session 2]] - More Goblins Than Expected 
 +  * [[Session 3]] - Peace in Our Time / The Hero Returns / The Bone Closet 
 +  * [[Session 4]] - Of Trolling / Love, Interrupted / We Fell In The Pit / A Boy And His Zombie
- +==== Campaign Background==== 
 +  * [[The Sunless Citadel]] 
 +  * [[Forge of Fury]] 
 +  * [[Icewind Dale]]