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Population 100
Leader Nimsy Huddle
Sacrifice to Auril food

Founded by a Sembian Family from Urmlaspyr, Lonelywood is a quiet town of loggers, fishers, and scrimshanders scratching out a Living on the Edge of the world. The town’s oldest buildings and docks bear carvings of Dragons, lions, and goats that pay deference to the family’s crest, which featured a Chimera.

Roughly half of Lonelywood’s able-bodied residents trawl the lake for Knucklehead Trout, while most of the others spend their days in the Forest felling and hewing the trees that are used to Construct boats and buildings. Lonelywood’s timber is taken by cart to be sold in other settlements, Termalaine and Targos in particular.

For as long as Ten-Towns has existed, Lonelywood has attracted the region’s shadiest element, from unrepentant thieves to cold-hearted killers. The thick Forest looming behind it conceals the dark and sordid dealings that sometimes transpire there. Despite its attraction to criminals and miscreants, Lonelywood is not a place where folk Murder each other in the streets. The realities of Survival demand that the residents live and work together, and not dwell on History. A visitor can make many Friends here but would be wise not to drudge up the dark deeds of anyone’s past in this small town.

Raflamir made his home near Lonelywood for many years.

Speaker Nimsy Huddle

Nimsy is a matronly old halfling lady, who gave the party a place to spend the night and many cookies. She asked them to deal with the white moose, and offered to give them the Ramshackle Inn in return.

The White Moose

Lonelywood's loggers were being terrorized by an enormous white moose. The party killed it, and the druid that awakened it, but briefly kept the druid's awakened berry bush around.


Near the lair of the white moose, a sarcophagus held a friendly mummy. He had been the mayor of Ose Thanor, an elvish cold resort town with 14 residents. A peculiarity of embalming technique gave him the strong smell of pumpkin spice. The party eventually grew tired of his antics, and re-entombed him.

The Ramshackle Inn

The Ram is an abandoned inn in Lonelywood. The former owner/proprietor was found hanging in the middle of his common room (suicide? old enemies? Lonelywood's gossip mill races with interest!), and since then the town has used it for lumber storage.

The party installed a very small tribe of Kobolds to run it:

  • Trex: the unusually well-spoken kobold with fake wings and a satchel
  • Smol: the Pretty Girl
  • Grek: The Shy Hunter
  • Scorp: The Bad Boy Chef
  • Thwip: The Goofball Trapsmith
  • Vott: The Cute Kobold with a penchant for poisons
  • Zurk: The Muscle-Bound Lady Kobold

Then Hazarkin persuaded some of the Lowater Burgers to move to the Ramshackle:

  • Effie: Hazarkin's sister
  • Hamfo: The cook; likes Effie
  • Marish: Pretty, shell necklace, disappears periodically
  • Cami: Cam's sister
  • Cam: Rotund, meticulous, and tells interminable stories
  • Ace: Unfortunate penchant for pyrotechnics

Later they sent some additional kobolds they found on their travels:

  • Holgi: The Fiscally Responsible Kobold
  • Snorp: The Happy-Go-Lucky Kobold with the Dark Past
  • Zilbo: The One With The Pets

And still more from a random encounter:

  • Galax
  • Arix
  • Garu
  • Molo

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