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The Lowater Burgers

Rotating gang of children from Hazarkin's childhood who were eventually dissolved/absorbed the the Xanathar. They grew up together on the streets and still recognize each other with specific Cant greetings, but hold little organizational power outside of their close, personal bonds. Named the 'Burgers' because it was how one of the original ten pronounced 'burglar'.


The Core 10

The Splats

  • Ned
  • Ace

(Others TBD)

Burghers in the Dale

Effie, Hamfo, Marish, Cami, Cam, and Ace were all in Easthaven.

Hamfo explained that the hostages (including Effie) were being held by the slavers arm of the Guild. With Hazarkin disappeared, Amaergo was ready to sell her. Seb was in enough of a position of trust to kill the buyer, then make it look like the buyer killed the guild guards and burned down the warehouse. The six of them stripped the coffers in the warehouse and pilfered everything that looked valuable, then made their way north.

Hamfo persuaded the Burghers to move to Lonelywood and occupy the Ramshackle Inn.


Sebastian "Seb" Leeds

Senior member of the Burgers and their erstwhile leader. He didn't so much command the crew and nudge them into alignment. The ill-fated raid that landed them in the Xanathar's sights was largely his idea. Always carried an embroidered handkerchief he claimed was from his parents. That might not have been true, but it was a beautiful cream colored silk and he enjoyed showing it off to the younger kids.


Hazarkin's sister. She and Hamfo were inseparable.


Prior to his induction into the Burgers, Hamfo was the third apprentice of a butcher who didn't have room for him. When he found himself cast into the street without a clue how to make his way back to his admittedly poor family, he fell in with the crew out of necessity. Initially something of a runt, he earned his place not by the normal criminality that kept the gang afloat, but by minding their warren and his incredible ability to turn week-old bread and table scraps into passable meals. Haz wasn't closer with Hamfo than most of the Burgers, but his sister and Ham were inseparable. If Ham's identity is ever in doubt, Haz might ask him about one of those meals. The 'fresh' bread they were given for Trolltide turned out to be soggy and riddled with mold, but Hamfo snuck back to the baker on his own and liberated five loaves straight from the oven.


A pretty girl. Hazarkin gave her a bit of shell once, and she still wears it on a necklace. Disappeared from the hideout every few weeks only to turn up again a few days or weeks later.


Cam's sister.




Rotund, meticulous, and tells interminable stories. He persuaded the Burghers to hide in Easthaven.




Unfortunate penchant for pyrotechnics.