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Founded by Calishite settlers who appreciated beauty, Termalaine is widely regarded as the most picturesque town in Icewind Dale, spreading out from the shore of Maer Dualdon and bordered on The North and west by tall pines. Its buildings incorporate carvings of wizards, homunculi, tigers, and smiling djinn.

For most visitors, the Enchantment of the town is dispelled as soon as they feel the icy claws and teeth of the cold wind sweeping down from The North, shearing through their layers of clothing. Termalaine was built in the path of this dreadful gale, which continues well past the town to harry fishers on the Southern half of the lake.

In addition to fishers, shipbuilders, and scrimshanders, Termalaine is home to miners who harvest gemstones from a cavern complex set into a low hill north and east of the settlement. Their efforts are hampered by creatures from The Underdark that occasionally find their way up into the mine. Whenever such creatures are discovered, the mine is sealed off and the townsfolk wait until a band of sellswords or adventurers can be hired to clear it out.

Campaign Happenings

Hazarkin scammed a fuzzy ring from an underage barmaid by promising to fix the endless winter.

The party were hired to clear kobolds out of the gem mine, and did so by installing them in the The Ramshackle Inn