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-======The Sunless Citadel====== +Bad LinkGo [[ebert:home|here]] instead.
-Long ago, a great fortress built by a cult of the dragon Ashardalon sank into the earth in a forgotten cataclysmIts ruins became known as the Sunless Citadel, and over the centuries numerous creatures made this place their home. +
- +
-One month ago, four adventurers from the nearby town of Oakhurst ventured into the Sunken Citadel searching for the origin of the magical fruit. They never returned. It is up to you now, to find what is lost. +
- +
-====Character Creation==== +
-Mechanically, avoid overshadowing everyone else, and make sure you can contribute in combat. The rest will take care of itself. +
- +
-Motivation-wise you need to be in Oakhurst and have a reason to explore the Sunless Citadel (some ideas below). Your character will also need to work with the rest of the party. Loner-types make for great novels, but poor group games. +
- +
-===Alignment=== +
-I generally run alignment as a tag, not a moral persuasion. So you're "good" because Grampa fooled around with an angel, or "chaotic" because you fell in a vat of Limbo. If you want to play against alignment, go for it.   +
- +
-==== Characters ==== +
-  * One guy +
-  * That other guy +
-  * Some girl  +
-  * maybe another? +
-  * I dunno +
- +
-==== Campaign Journal ==== +
-  * [[Session 0]] +
- +
-  +
- +