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-//*A discussion between Howl and the Unconquered Sun*// 
-//I see you've been doing a good job recently.// 
-Bah, //Howl grumbles//, you think popping in for a pleasant chat every once in a while is going to make me grateful? ​ These are your champions to save the world? ​ These? 
-//You think I'm wrong?// 
-No, I think your perfect and omnipotent. ​ Never had a poor idea in your life.  My internal clock only seems to be off by a couple centuries, no big deal, I'm sure that was just an oversight, nothing at all wrong. ​ These walking dead and poverty are just redecorating. 
-//Howl, am I to understand you don't like your task?// 
-It's not about likes. ​ //Howl shifts uncomfortably.// ​ It's about duty.  And no, I don't hate them, it's just... 
-//What is it, Howl?// 
-They seem lost.  Like the large one.  Hammer is a caring fool, and I do love him no matter how much I may find him childish, but he needs direction. ​ He's never had it, wandering from one place to another. ​ He's never had a focus, something to release all that pent up good will he has stored up in his enormous arse.  I'd bet he'd rip the entire Skullstone Archipelago into a new island chain if given the chance. ​ Rabbit would merrily join in, though I doubt for as good reasons. ​ He's selfish and greedy, but a war is coming and those who crave glory always do well at those times. ​ At least the Monsoon and the Flower have some sense of purpose and balance. ​ They get things done, directly and simply, I like that.  The Huntsman too suffers like Hammer, he's a follower, not a leader of men, he too needs a direction. ​ Normally, I'd mistrust your assassins, but he's as steadfast and loyal as any the rest.  I just... 
-//​You'​re bored too.// 
-Maybe that's it. //Howl stretches and snaps his jaws.// ​ We've made ground now, and maybe the locals will give my silly pups something to kill that isn't a potential subject. 
-//Everyone is a potential subject.// 
-Bah, always the optimist...