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 Bah, always the optimist... Bah, always the optimist...
 +//The desert air is sweet, still.  The winds are calm tonight, the sky is clear.  An insect chirps in the distance.  The sound of his pack brothers breaks the night, the soft rustle of sand as they glide through the dunes.  A scent on the wind.  Food.  As one the pack turns, sliding toward the new smell.  Sweat.  Humans.  A caravan.  The light of a campfire appears.  Food.//
 +//His pack closes, circling the wagon, it's only one!  Strange, no one travels these wastes alone.  A single man sits beside the the fire.  Large man.  Food.  Bring the pack in.  One howls.  Fool.  Bring the pack in.  The man is unmoved.  Fool.  Close around him.  On top of the sand now.  He seems aware, not moving.  One of my brothers darts in.  Jaws wide.  Food.  He moves!  Fast.  A hammer swings out, catches my brother in the jaws.  Punishing fist.  He flies off.  The man stands.  He's very large.  He stops moving.  Fool.  Again, two now.  The man whirls.  Twice blocked!  The hammer catches my brother in the leg.  Crack.  He limps.  Useless now.  What is this man.  He stares into the night.  His eyes catch mine.  A fire?  A light?  It gets brighter.  Its burning like the sun-//
 +Howl snorts and rolls up onto his feet.  The salty air of the sea invades his nostrils.  The less than gentle snoring of his companion provides counterpoint to the creaking of the ship.  Howl shakes his head and lies back down.  "If I had known then what I know now, would I have still followed him?"