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 +====== Marathon 3: The Marathoning ======
 +Bryan's leaving; better do another marathon. 
 +As before, we have a theme and that theme is "Pulp." This time, we'll be watching sci-fi films with low budget origins, many of which have some redeeming value. Once again, we've also compromised the original vision of all old sci-fi by including some newer stuff, because of [Surprise!]. 
 +As before, we have a schedule that we'll pretend to follow. This time, we split the difference of the last two, and are planning to wrap up right at midnight. 
 +^ Start ^ Title ^ Runtime ^
 +| 12:00 | Zombie Diaries 2                |   92   |
 +|  1:35 | Planet Outlaws                  |   71   |
 +|  2:50 | The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera     89   |
 +|  4:30 | Constantine                      121   |
 +|  6:30 | [Surprise!]                       93   |
 +|  8:10 | Total Recall (1990)              113   |
 +| 10:10 | The Last Sentinel                 94   |
 +| 11:45 | **Total**                    |  **673**  |
 +=== Zombie Diaries 2 ===
 +I don't think anyone can really be said to 'star' in The Zombie Diaries 2: World of the Dead, but maybe it'll surprise us. It's not looking good though: after carefully examination, the only name printed on the case is Jay Slater's. What's his connection to this movie? //He reviewed it.//
 +Let's assume this is some of Alan Smithee's less good work and move on.
 +=== Planet Outlaws ===
 +Buck Rogers, recut and formatted into a feature presentation. This is the Buck Rogers from 1953 though, not the one which drove TSR out of business.
 +=== The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera ===
 +A sober and serious examination of the life and work of a scientist who does science on rocks to advance the cause of science. Larry Blamire writes,directs, and acts. 
 +This was filmed in SKELETORAMA, a fairly rare format. There's a backup plan in case of playback issues.
 +=== Constantine ===
 +Why such a big budget film in a pulp marathon? Because Constantine started life in //Hellblazer//, a spinoff of the //Swamp Thing// comics. That's pretty obscure.
 +If the acting seems a little forced and unnatural in this movie,just remember that it stars Keanu Reeves in a role which was directly based on Sting. Blame the casting director.
 +=== [Surprise!] ===
 +This may not be the most surprising surprise ever, but here are some hints: this film would also have fit in a marathon themed around villains or around outer space, and in it, the US president is a woman. Also, it was filmed in German. 
 +=== Total Recall ===
 +This is the one with Ahnold. Once again, we fill the mandatory requirement for a movie assembled from the mangled and broken remains of a Phillip K. Dick short story. I was going to put //A Scanner Darkly// in here as well, but then  I thought: No. That's too much Dick.
 +=== The Last Sentinel ===
 +"They were the perfect soldiers to protect civilization - until the drone police became the perfect enemy." Another bargain bin special or insightful social commentary? You decide! (I'm guessing the former). 
 +At least this one had actors willing to put their names on it.