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 ======Jomini====== ======Jomini======
 +Jomini is primarily interesting for having dominated strategic thinking for the latter half of the 19th century. He had a fairly impressive military career, and apparently served in various places throughout Europe. Unfortunately, Jomini the writer wasn't a strategist; he was a taxonomist. He described all the ways he could think of that an engagement might go, and established a set of terms describing them. But  ultimately, there's no //there// there. It's as though he named every animal he had seen, and called it //Art of Biology//
 +Jomini still influences strategy today: we identify internal and external lines of operation and engagement, //then completely ignore them, because they have no implication!// Much of the vocabulary for how we talk about operational maneuver is drawn from Jomini though, and its precision is sometimes useful. 
 ======Mahain====== ======Mahain======